S’well Waterbottles: Worth It or nah?

Hey everyone!

Welcome back! Today,  I am going to be reviewing a popular/trendy item called a S’well water bottle.(Visit their site here.) I have seriously seen so many of these, my dance teacher has one, kids at school have them, I see them at the gym or even at Jazzercise classes(I don’t take them, it’s just fun to watch the choreo.) Anyways, I decided to buy one and see what the fad(I’m the only one who uses the word ‘fad’) is! Here, I show you guys what the product is and give you my own personal opinion on these waterbottles.

Worth it, or nah?


(Photo Courtsey of amazon.com)

Anyways, that is the picture of the S’well waterbottle I own. It is in the teakwood style and you can buy it here.

So before we start this review, let’s start with some knowledge of S’well. S’well was founded by Sara Kauss, and her mission was to get rid of plastic waterbottles and introduce a gorgeous, yet efficient waterbottle to the world. So S’well began in 2010.


(Photo Courtsey of @febehaze on Instagram)

           S’well creates a lot of gorgeous waterbottles and the special thing about them is that they are advertised keep your water cool for 24 hours and hot for 12. It is triple walled and the opening is a specific size where you can drink comfortably but still put crescent-shaped ice cubes in them.


(Photo Courtsey of @alittlebirdboutique on Instagram)

            They come in 9 oz(cup of coffee), 17 oz(standard bottle size), and as well as 25 oz(bottle of wine). S’well waterbottles are also like collectibles because S’well adds new designs but also pulls the plug on others.


(Photo Courtsey of @randypriceandco on Instagram)

            I have been using my new S’well waterbottle for around 2 weeks now, and it does really work! I have left it outside for 9+ overs in 80 degree days, and the water was still ice cold. To even add to that, my ice was still in there, solid. I will also love using this waterbottle during the cold months as a thermos because I hate drinking cold or room temperature water if it is less than 65 degrees outside.

Overall, I think S’well bottles are definitely worth the price, because, 1, they are absolutely gorgeous, and 2, they do work!

~Shania A.




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