Does This Hack Work? – Testing out the vinegar-paintbrush Hack!

Hey guys!

I am literally so sorry I haven’t posted in such a long time!! I have had a serious case of writer’s block, but today I am back w/ a new post! Today on All in One we are going to be testing out a hack. I am starting a new series where I test out a life hack and see if it actually works!!

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Today’s hack I randomly found on Pinterest while I was scrolling through and it said to get back soft paintbrushes after they turn hard and crispy was pretty easy, you just let them sit in a bowl of vinegar for 30 min! I found this hard to believe so I went ahead and tried it! Let’s see what the results were!

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As you can see from above I had a couple of paintbrushes that were really dirty. I even had one covered in dried Mod Podge(left one) and I wanted to see if this would work on glue. The others have acrylic paint on them. I searched up other ways to get the paint off but it said use fabric softener or boil your vinegar so I resorted to the easier way.

Attachment-1For the vinegar, I just used some distilled cooking vinegar that I found in my kitchen. Buy it here.

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I poured the vinegar into a bowl and let my paint brushes sit in there. I filled it so that the brush part of all of the brushes were in the vinegar.

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I waited for 30 min and then took a look at them. They were definitely softer. I couldn’t take a picture after because my camera died, but I ran them under water and the one with red paint on it became like a normal brush but still had the paint on it. The 2 white ones were restored after running it under water and then the Mod Podge one was still weird. It was softer but when I ran it under water the glue seemed to be scratching off but it still wasn’t the same.

Negative or Positive?

Positive. I think this is positive even though it didn’t work w/ the Mod Podge.



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