Back To School Supplies Haul 2017 ♡

Hey guys!

Now I know this is like super ironic since my last post was about summer but yeah. 😉

Welcome back!! Today I am super excited because BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON HAS OFFICIALLY STARTED!! Yey!! Ok, I am a serious supply nerd. I love ALL things stationary and that’s why I love the back to school season. And don’t forget the outfits, DIYs, and new makeup rituals. Anyways, today I am going to be showing you guys all of my back to school supplies that I bought!! Yay!!
P.S: I got all of my supplies from Target


Ok, I might have gotten wayy to many supplies but a girl can never have too many supplies! So this year I am going to be doing the same things that I did last year which was NO BINDERS. Ok so here is my logic. Having a different binder for each class is the stupidest idea EVER so I obvi. ain’t going to do that. The second idea is having a big-ass(scuse me for lang.) where you have to pull it out for every single class 5 times. So this year I am sticking to folders and notebooks!! Yay I am so pumped!


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So this year for my backpack I decided to go super simple. I got this Jansport backpack from Tilly’s and I really plan on using this backpack for awhile so I got the color black. I may be sewing on some patches but I’m not sure.

Notebooks, Folders, and more crap

So this year I got this 6 pocket expanding file from Five Star for holding all of my old papers. I don’t know if I will be keeping this at home or bringing it with me because I really like to look at my old papers and such when I am studying for a test or something.

Now I just have a ton of notebooks. I am going to be color coding everything so I am going to be using orange for history, green for science, red for Spanish, yellow for math(I got 2 because I go through them fast) and pink for English. I will be using the black and white one for doodles and stuff when I am bored.

I got 6 folders. I got the normal color coded ones(the green is totally off) and I got an extra white one. I got it because I always need extra sheets of paper and I don’t feel like ripping them out so I will just store my lined papers in that white folder.

I also got some notebook/binder/lined/ruled/loose-leaf paper.(There are so many names!) I just got the cheap kind so it isn’t amazing quality but whatever.


So I got 3 types of pencils. I first got my favorite pencils of all time, which are the Paper Mate clear point pencils. Next, I just got the cheap mechanical pencils to give out to people when they ask me for pencils(savage) and I also got some wooden pencils for that teacher that always asks for them.

Then, I got some erasers because you know, they’re erasers.

So then I got some highlighters. I really wanted to get the one with yellow, orange, pink, and blue, but this one was the only one left. Since I was shopping so early, there wasn’t a lot of supplies because I couldn’t even find flair pens!

I also got some whiteout. Whiteout is a necessity and I literally hate the tape roller kinds because they just unravel and are just so annoying.

I got some pens. I got my favorite ones and I really wanted the 8 pack but it wasn’t there (thx target) so I just got these. Teachers always hate the clicky ones and I just love all of the bright and vibrant colors on these ones.

Then I got a pencil sharpener to sharpen pencils. Yeah.

I got some index cards because they’re very useful for studying but the downside was that there weren’t any index card holders so that was sad 😦

A planner because school ones are very crappy and this one is literally so cute. It has the same pattern on the inside and the fonts are just great and this one will remind me of summer all year.

I also got a pencil case. I got a really small one because this will just hold my necessities and I will have a second one for all of my other things like extra highlighters and such.

Next, I just have a couple of supplies from last year like post-its and a mini stapler. Also, does anyone have any idea on how to refill the mini stapler? I just can’t do it.

Anyways, I really hoped you guys enjoyed my back to school haul 2017! I really enjoyed it and I hope you guys did too! Expect more coming up!♡


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