Scrapbook Haul ♡

Hey Guys! I’m back! So today I am super excited because I am doing my first scrapbook haul!

So I decided to start scrapbooking because I used to card-make and I thought it was really fun, but I actually quit so I found this! I also needed a new hobby so it is scrapbooking now!

Before you start scrapbooking, you need to be able to spend around 50 dollars just starting off. This is a fairly expensive hobby to start off with but there are some work arounds so your total isn’t $75+.

You also need to know there are different types of scrapbooking. There is Project Life, which is fairly popular and basically has a page protector with 3×4 or 4×6 pockets where you can slide in pictures and cards. There is also traditional scrapbooking, either with a post-bound album or a D-ring album. Postbound albums have a specific number of pages in them and are bound my posts. This is usually cheaper than D-ring albums and great for beginners. There is also a D-ring album. These are basically 12×12 binders and you must buy page protectors separately.

Do not shop at Michaels or any craft store. Their supplies are much too expensive, even with rewards and coupons
Do shop at discount stores like TJ Maxx or Tuesday Morning
Make sure to get a paper trimmer. I had one previously and it is so helpful! At Tuesday Morning you can get a 12×12 one for under 7 dollars!

Let’s get started with the haul!

1. Album

The first thing I got was a scrapbooking album. I got a post bound from Michaels for around 15 dollars and it had 50 pages inside. I really wanted to get a D-ring, but the binder itself was 10 dollars and the page protectors were 5 dollars for 10, so not really worth it. I really like this scrapbooking album, mainly because the cover has so many family related quotes on the front and there is room for a CD in the back.

2. Paper Pads


The next thing I got was 2 12×12 paper pads. I got the Coastal collection from DCWV for 19.99(total ripoff; from Michael’s) that included 16 pages with a pearl foil and 4 pages of printed linen. I also got this very summery Everday collection from Jen Hadfield. The papers were absolutely gorgeous. They priced around $6.99 at Tuesday Morning. I previously also had a 6×6 paper pad also so it was very helpful. Make sure to grab one.


3. Elmers Scrapbook Glue Kit

For adhesive I got this Elmers scrapbook glue kit made specifically for scrapbookers, so everything is acid-free. It came with a glue stick pen, a double-sided liquid glue pen, and 2 glue sticks. I personally really haven’t used this much so I think it is unnecessary.

4. Tape Runner

The most useful thing I got in this whole haul was definitely a four pack of tape runners. I do a lot of matting for my pictures and these tape runners are awesome! I definitely need to buy them in bulk since I go through them so quickly but they are great!



The last thing I got was embellishments! So first from Michaels, I got some stickers(which were really expensive by the way!) and some ribbon. I also got a ton of stickers/die-cuts for Tuesday Morning and 3 metallic pens. I LOVE these pens! They are exactly like Sharpies except way cheaper!

So yeah I really hope you guys enjoyed this post!! I really enjoyed buying these items and can’t wait to scrapbook with them!!



7 thoughts on “Scrapbook Haul ♡

  1. omg i love buying cute paper pads! i never thought about goin to tjmaxx or anything for these supplies, youre right though the supplies are always so expensive at michaels and stuff

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