Welcome to All In One

Hey! Welcome to All In One, AIO for short.

Here, you can find posts for everyone! From beauty and fashion to food raves and recipes you can find a pretty good lifestyle blog here. Enjoy articles on delicious pasta salads, reviews on the latest trends, and my daily workout routine.

About Shania

Hi! My name is Shania Ahmed, and I write this blog!

My blogging passion came when I was 8 and I read somewhere something to do when you’re bored was to start a blog.(I was a very independent child, I used the internet and did research on my own from age 6.) I asked my tired mum and she said yes, not knowing this would now lead her daughter hours sitting in front of the computer(and needing glasses soon) writing away. My first blog was this website called Missshania(it’s still up!) and it was pretty dismal.

Eventually, I stopped writing because I was getting absolutely no feedback. During that time afterward, I started to play this game called Fantage. It was probably the worst game ever, but eventually, I found bloggers writing about it! It was amazing! The best blogs had around 300-400 followers at the most but there was a huge Fantage blogger community! I started blogging on WordPress, and I had a great time, interacting with blogger friends(very safely!) and having fun. My blog was called Fun Fantagian, which was actually pretty creative.

After awhile, the Fantage blogger community slowed down as we got older and the game turned to crap. We all started quitting, picking fights(there was even a big hacking scandal), and writing about other things. The community slowed down. I eventually quit, after reaching almost 250 followers. I started back up again with a series of small, unsuccessful blogs until my previous blog Life As Shania.

Life As Shania was one of my greatest. The blogger community thrived, now posting about literally everything. Some of my greatest supporters on my blogs was Mahriya and The Stylish Dreamer. I owned this blog for 2 years, reaching up to 150 followers. I eventually decided I wanted to change my blog look and name. I changed it but lost all of my followers due to a glitch. I decided why not start over? Then this blog was born, on June 2017, All In One.

I love blogging, but let’s talk about my life out of the internet. I used to have a passion for YouTubing, but now I love to read, craft, bake, and dance. I don’t have any big accomplishments but my academics. I am the world’s most unathletic person, and I can’t even do a push-up. (screw those 90-degree arms!) I am a “girly girl” and some people say it like its a bad thing but I like it. I hate to sweat, I spend hours on fashion blogs and cry when my shoes are ruined. I honestly don’t know how I became one, my family neither has a taste or the money for such things.

You will get to know me better through this blog, so make sure to Follow! Don’t forget to follow me on social media and look through all of my links in my Contact page. Thanks so much! Bye!♡

Shania A.



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